About Us

"We believe trying before buying is the Right way". 

Our Mission

We set out on this journey to encourage you to try your beauty samples first, helping you to discover products that work for you before committing to full size version. BoxyBae is for you to try out all the beauty samples here without begging from places to places.

Individually Curated for each Bae!

Each beauty box are individually curated in a beautifully hand-wrapped with at least 4-5 carefully handpicked beauty samples by team BoaxyBae. The range is a curated collections of Skin Care, Makeup, Hair Care, Fragrance, and Health products just for baes.

What does 'Bae' mean?

Bae means 'Before Anyone Else'

a babe

a bf/gf

a lover

a crush

a sweetheart

a baby

Thats how we address our baes. No customers only Baes. 

Our Tagline:

"Unboxing your Beauty, Endlesssly"