Bae Circle

What is BaeCircle?

Bae Circle is a community where Bae gets to Play, Self Branding and Grow together. Its a great place to learn and grow. The purposes of Bae Circle are PLAY | SELF-BRANDING | GROW 


How to join BaeCircle?

Subscribe to Boxybae first and join our classes. Bae Circle will start soon, Stay tuned and follow us on our social media for the announcement @boxybaemy


How BaeCircle Work?

There'll be classes every month where Bae can attend, with:

  • Brand stylish to share tips on Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Style and many more.
  • Selected Influencer Meet & Greet and share their Photo-taking skills, Photo-edit skills, and many more.
  • Teacher from different industry will share their expertise. And Bae do along.

Where BaeCircle classes located?

We are collaborating with different Cafes and Coworking Space. So we will announce the location on BaeCircle Section and Social Media. So do follow our social media for latest updates.

Instagram/Facebook: boxybaemy

*We'll start BaeCircle in Klang Valley first. We will slowly expand to other states real soon. Stay Tuned Baes outside Klang Valley!