boxybae Hiring

Dear Future #TeamBoxyBae,

We challenge talented people that have Dreams and Loves showing their creativity. We'll share our Goals and Encourage you to work things out your way. We want you to set goals and what you want to learn here so you can get the most out of it. 

Position Available: Marketing Team & Creative Team

Its definitely not a high pay job but definitely a learning ground especially if you are interested to start your own business in the future. Reason to intern in Startup,

  1. You'll have great responsibility - Dealing with important matters and decision making power.
  2. You'll be exposed a lot more and as much as you want *smirk.
  3. Your work will be seen and brainstorm closely with the founder.
  4. The mentality - Entrepreneurial spirit is extremely contagious!
  5. Future possibilities - Network, we'll be dealing with a lot of entrepreneurs.
  6. The more effort you put in, the more you'll learn! 

Let us know if you would be proud to be part of #TeamBoxyBae. Send us your resume here,




Warmest Regards,