We provide Advisory, Reselling, Marketing, Stocks Management and Shipping services to grow your business. We have a potential reach of 350 - 1,000 visitors daily.
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Connect with all the Beauty Lovers with BOXYBAE Advertising Platform. Maximize your brands' visibility at every part of the customer journey on BOXYBAE's platform through highly scalable advertising formats, created to drive your desired sales & performance.


    350 - 1k                                                  18 - 35

Monthly Visits | Active Subscribers | Core Age Group


1. Beauty-Focused Target Group

Advertise on the platform where your target audiences are. Direct your advertising spending on our established, fast-growing beauty audiences to maximize cost-savings and returns.

2. Seamless Customer Service

Our scalable native advertising formats are embedded seamlessly in the BOXYBAE content to provide a non-disruptive customer experience. This ensures that the advertisements made are contextually relevant, improving both the customer experience and the value of your advertisements.

3. Transparent Pricing

We guarantee 0% commission or agency fees, ensuring that 100% of your advertising budget is channeled towards your campaigns on the right channels.



With BOXYBAE’s advertising services catered to your business needs.


1. Sample Distribution

We gather all the beauty samples and distribute it to your desire target customers.It can be in the form of product samples, vouchers and etc.


2. Box Advertising

Box lid is a great way to advertise your product/services as it is a spot anyone will not miss. 

3.Onsite Campaign

Improve the visibility and awareness of your product promotions and campaigns through strategic banner placements on BOXYBAE’s desktop and mobile platforms.

Advertisement on BOXYBAE
4. BaeCircle (Offline Event)
With the plethora of brands BOXYBAE works with, we help to pull brands together, conceptualize and explore boundless opportunities from offline events to co-funded activities, all tailored to your needs. 
5. Influencer Marketing
With BOXYBAE’s network of brand ambassadors, we find the most suitable influencers to drive awareness of your campaigns through a series of social media posts and product endorsements.
6. Insight & Analytics

Discover the kind of products and promotions that attract BOXYBAE customers the most, their preferences and purchasing behaviors through BOXYBAE’s exclusive deep insights & analytics services. With the massive data collected, we are able to help brands like yours to derive trend predictions and form accurate understanding about your brands’ performance, necessary for brand optimisation.


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